#1 Your Wealth Activation in the Akashic Records

with Louisa Havers

Receive a Wealth Activation in your Akashic Records and align with your Wealth Blueprint

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You will receive your Wealth Activation via your paypal email - this is a recording from a live event, you will receive the same energies as attending live.

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This activation will bring your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body into harmony with your relationship with money and your desires for more.

The energy transmissions will use my angelic portal from my records as a visual gateway to access your truth and deprogram any templates that are not serving.

In receiving these high-frequency energies, your light body will harmonize, and you will align back to your Wealth Blueprint, allowing you to operate at your highest potential.

Meet Louisa

Advanced Akashic Record Certified Teacher & Consultant

Louisa is one of the first 22 Energy Alignment Method Mentors in the world, an Advanced Pranic Healer, an Advanced Akashic Record Consultant and Teacher, with a background in Psychology and over a decade of leading change and service developments across multiple organisations in the public sector.

Louisa combines her knowledge of Energy Psychology, Akashic Records, Change Management, Leadership and Business Mentoring to support your journey to living at your highest potential with fulfilment, love and connection to your inner guidance.