The Aligned Success Programme

Our Next 5 Day Programme Starts: 5th October 2020

Increase your performance & magnetism in your personal life and business in 5 days.

with Louisa Havers 

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Combining Transformational Psychology with Ancient Wisdom so that you increase your performance and magnetism in your personal life and business.    

You will learn:  

How to hack your subconscious mind & energy so you have the leading edge in your business

Rapidly increase your performance and magnetism

How to overcome challenges on your journey so that it doesn’t impact on your personal life and business

We’re also covering the rapid manifesting technique we teach our premium clients which you can implement straight away.

Feel happier, full of vitality and attract better opportunities to you.  

Energetic Alignment puts you on an accelerated path of living at your highest potential. Taking you where your soul wants to go.  

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Over 3,000 people have taken part in the Aligned Success Programme and the feedback has been incredible.

Hosted by Louisa Havers, Transformational Law of Attraction Life & Business Coach, Advanced Pranic Healer, Advanced Akashic Record Consultant & Energy Alignment Method Mentor  

Louisa Havers - is the creator of 'Your Impassioned Life', 'Soulful Business Mastery' and Aligned Success: Energetic Self Mastery Workshop Series. 

Your Impassioned Life is a transformational life coaching programme for men and women to increase their success in their personal life and business, align with their passion and purpose and have more fulfilment and happiness in life.  

Soulful Business Mastery is a Business Mastermind for men and women to create their own 6 figure Soulful Coaching Business. Combining Energetic Alignment + Business Strategies for Aligned Success in Business.