Change Your Energy to Change Your Life

5 Days to Energetic Self Mastery 

Starting 23rd September

with Louisa Havers Transformational Life & Business Coach 

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You are a conscious creator: Raise your vibrational attraction point so that you create more of what you want with ease and joy. 

You will learn:  

How to create long lasting change by changing your energetic point of attraction. I will teach you the technique I use with my clients.

How to create new neural pathways on demand so that its easier to take aligned action and work with the Universal Laws. 

How to release the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that have held you back so that you are living authentically and feel amazing and free.

How to consciously create the best version of yourself, so that you live your best life. 

Energy Alignment puts you on an accelerated path of uncovering your true self and purpose, taking you where your soul authentically wants to go. 

Follow Your Soul - it knows the way.

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Presented by Louisa Havers, Transformational Law of Attraction Life & Business Coach, Advanced Pranic Healer & Energy Alignment Method Mentor  

Louisa Havers - is the creator of 'Your Impassioned Life', 'Soulful Business Mastery' and the founder of Trifolium Lifestyle Coaching. 

Your Impassioned Life is a transformational life coaching programme for men and women to have the energy & freedom to be themselves in their relationships and do work they love, even if they don't know what that is yet.  

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